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Philip Maynard: Pictures!
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Pictures! · Dec 5, 09:27 AM by Philip Maynard

Finally, I have some pictures of the robot.

To make battery changes less painful, we have a box accessible from the bottom:

Our CO2 holder. It has a hardened piercing tip and a (rather cleverly, I must say) captured slide for the bottom of the cylinder.

The solenoid:

We made our own wheel encoder boards to save a few pennies. They turned out nicely!

Design file ready for printing:

Finished item (traces are on the other side):

Our header board was made with a more advanced process and greatly simplified wiring by putting pins just where we needed them. It contains power circuitry, a buffer, debugging LEDs, and wires all the pins on the microcontroller board to convenient groups of header pins

Our top-mounted IR rangers can only see the walls on the game board (not holes, dominoes, or the softball), and so give us our position.

The front-mounted short-range IR rangers give us enough data to know what kind of object we’re facing.

We added a switch for the motor power to prevent killing batteries. A triumph of UI design, it pulls to the “on” position so that accidental bumps in transport or storage won’t kill the batteries.

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