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Philip Maynard: So far, so good.
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So far, so good. · Jul 2, 10:29 PM by Philip Maynard

After getting embarrassed at a couple events and remembering it’s driver, not just car, I’m doing alright. I hit an Evolution autocross school to get back into my game, and it helped even more than I thought – contact Pat Salerno at Evolution and you WILL go faster!

With my driving on the mend, I enlisted the help of Jerry Jenkins to co-drive at the Devens National Tour. He’s a quick ES Miata driver from Vancouver who happened to be in town on business and wanting to race. He got to drive my car, and I got feedback on the car, help finding my way around my first Tour, and datalogs to compare our driving. He won the class, and I came in 3rd, winning contingency at my first big event!

I then headed to DC for a ProSolo, with it’s drag-style start. I nailed the starts but although I improved my driving since Devens, still didn’t catch up to the fast drivers. I am getting closer, though. The Finger Lakes ProSolo is next, and I’ve made some changes to help adapt my setup, originally developed by drivers on Kumho tires, to work with the Hankooks. Different pressures and alignment specs should give me more rear grip off the line and on corner exit, while still giving more rotation mid-corner. I’m extremely happy with the car, and I know all I have to do is not get out-driven to beat these guys. However, ES is a still class at the Pro, and out-driving them will be extremely hard. I’ll give it my best, though!

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