Hey folks, sorry for the delay and confusion regarding results this year. We're having some issues with the main webspace and so this will be the temporary place to find information and results. Our permanant base of operations while we sort this out (and beyond) is at SCCA Forums, where we have a Glen/SNY forum where you can ask about upcoming events, chat about past events, share pictures, and find the newest info from SNY. Again, sorry for the delay and confusion, and please tell everyone about this site and the SCCA Forums sub-forum!

-Phil Maynard
For some reason classes are not showing up in some results. I'm working on it!

2007 Results

Event 1 - BCC - 2007-04-29
Event 2 - BU - 2007-05-27
Event 3 - BCC - 2007-06-03
Event 4 - BCC - 2007-05-01

Season PAX Points Race
Season Class Points Race

NOTE: The forumula for points is different than previous years, and instead of relying on finishing position alone it takes into account how close you were to the winning time. I feel this is a more fair method, but it's subject to change. We can tweak the parameters, change the numbers of drops and required events, or just go back to the place-based system. Give me feedback on the SCCAforums site!